Breland Warren
"The man. The camera. The storyteller."

Warren 43.jpg

It is often said that life is better than fiction. This statement reins true for me.  I began my career as a movie cinematographer, recording take after take of actors trying their best to evoke a real emotion. While I enjoyed the creative process, the hours that were invested into each project would be short lived by the viewer. I was not pleased with this fact and wanted my art form to have a purpose and last the test of time.

In 2011, I was hired to shoot my first wedding.  It was that day that I found my passion and purpose for filming.  It was to document real life and capture pure, authentic emotion. Not only was it a pleasure to film the wedding, the happiness I saw on the couple's faces was overwhelmingly fulfilling.  I knew then that this work would last the test of time and forever bring happiness each time it was viewed. 

My special day was October 26, 2014.  I married the love of my life, Joy.  I got the chance to be on the other side of the camera and finally got to experience the emotions I had captured. We now have a two beautiful boys named Breland II & Liam.  

My time on the other side taught me something. Value. It taught me the value of these precious, unrehearsed and once in a lifetime moments. It would be my honor to serve you on your special day and document your invaluable moments in time.